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A little bit about me……

I became a driving instructor in 2018, having taken a unique route to get here. I formerly served as a police officer for West Yorkshire Police, and then the British Transport Police in York. After this, I entered the aviation industry to work as a helicopter pilot and instructor. It was an exciting job and gave me a taste for instructing. From trains to helicopters to cars!

As a driving instructor, I have all the knowledge and tools to offer quality tuition. I achieved high standards in my previous jobs and have continued this as a driving instructor, with success story after success story please read my reviews. I have always been a keen motorcyclist, so am very at home on the roads. My interest in cars has also contributed in making teaching driving second nature to me.

I am enthusiastic to share my techniques on how to drive in a calm and positive manner, because I value the safety of all road users, and want all drivers to enjoy the driving experience. I find it important to adjust and personalise my approach in order to get the best out of each individual pupil. It is always the aim to have a fun experience when learning to drive, and I believe my patience, humour and professionalism creates the perfect environment for this.

I began my training with a national driving school but soon decided I preferred being part of a respected family run business and joined the team at UDrive MSM. I continually hone my skills and techniques required to be a successful driving instructor with regular attendance at CPD sessions. Whilst expanding my knowledge base this has since enabled me to deliver an extremely high standard of tuition to my pupils.

Automatic Tuition – Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a very popular car including to that for many instructors across the country. It’s smart looking, it’s a fantastic little car to learn to drive in; giving you the safety aspect, comfort, and the added benefit of being easy to park!