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I strongly believe it is advantageous to be client focused, as every learner is individual and has a different level of confidence and ability. I am passionate about providing the perfect experience for learners, regardless of their age and temperament, so lesson plans are tailored to their exact needs.

We work to increase confidence in pupils’ particular areas of weakness, and I always work to a pace at which they are comfortable. For those keen to pass their tests quickly, I motivate them onwards, allowing them to demonstrate their ability and tighten up in areas which they require help and improvement. Other pupils require a slower approach, and we can cover the same manoeuvres as often as needed, with unerring patience and zero judgement.

Do not despair if you have taken lessons before with another diving school and have struggled; I have a knack of finding methods to suit each individual, so with my encouragement and understanding, I will soon have you driving confidently!

Learning to drive is a huge life step, and I make it my mission to provide an enjoyable experience with good naturedness, kindness and humour. My past track record shows you will be receiving a standard above and beyond other driving instructors, ensuring that you not only pass your test, but that you also enjoy the process and become a confident and safe driver with exceptional road knowledge.

What to bring to your first lesson

It is important to bring your provisional licence to your first lesson as I have to check that it is valid in the correct category and check whether it has any endorsements. So that I can view your licence record, you will also be asked to enter your national insurance number into the DVLA website.

Don’t forget to wear contact lenses or glasses if you need them! At the start of the lesson I will ask you to read a licence plate from 20 metres to ensure your vision is adequate to drive.

Please try to ensure you have completed your payment before coming to the lesson, as this will have to be done before the lesson commences and you will want to make the most of the time available.

What to expect from your first lesson

After I have completed your licence check and you have read the registration plate to demonstrate your eyesight, it’ll be time to get started!

I’ll issue you with a reflective log book and explain how to use it, and then we’ll discuss your driving experience. If you are completely new to driving, I’ll explain how to operate the controls in the car, but even if you have driven before I will run through everything in case it is different to what you are used to.

Once the basics have been discussed, we’ll get moving! You are practicing for your practical driving test, so it makes sense to make the lessons as practical as possible. Whilst there will be some short portions of your lessons in which we sit on the roadside so I can fully explain something, the majority of the time will be spent driving.

Skill number one to learn is moving off and bringing the car to a stop under full control. Once you’ve got this under your belt there will be all sorts of new skills to learn! I will ascertain what your goals are, and together we will find a pace at which you find comfortable learning.

I look forward to guiding you through this exciting stage of your life, I know we will have a lot of fun and success.

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